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Anaerobic Processes (CSTR, UASB)

Salient Features of CSTR Digester are:

• MS tank Digester with Corrosion resistant coating
• Umbrella Shaped roof.
• Complete Mixing achieved through improved Side Entry and Top Entry Mixers.
• The plants are can treat the maxi COD of 200,000 mg/l of Distillery Raw Spent Wash
• Improved Overflow, Foam Removal arrangement.
• Includes Vacuum and Pressure breaker tank, Degasser and Gas Holder. 

Salient Features of UASB Digester are:

• Low energy requirements
• Process more efficient than conventional aerobic systems and hence the small area required
• Extensive design and operating data is available for many different wastewaters
• A modularized design accommodates a wide range of flows and COD strengths
• UASB reactor produces a useful methane by product, typically 0.35 m3 / kg COD removed
• UASB reactor’s GLSS (Gas – Liquid – Solids – Separators) does not suffer any corrosion as epoxy is used at and above the corrosive air / liquid interface