Ultra-Filtration / Reverse Osmosis

Salient Features of Ultra-Filtration Process are:

• Module type system assists for quick installation.
• Effective separation system.
• Energy efficient plant.
• High quality of treated water.
• Low fouling condition & long life membrane.
• PLC based control panel.
• Optimum membrane cleaning period.
• Equipped with advance controlling & monitoring system.
• In RO filtering, pressure is applied with an RO Process Pump. As permeate water is produced, the concentration of impurities on the feed water side builds
• Reverse osmosis can stably and effectively remove dissolved salts, dissolved organic substances and micro fine particles
• Utilizable as a concentration and recovery method
• Compact equipment
• Reverse osmosis is a simple process, its operation and control are uncomplicated, while maintenance is easy and free from trouble.