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Disinfection (Ozonation / UV / Chlorination)

Salient Features of Ozonation Process are:

• Ozone is more effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria.
• The ozonation process utilizes a short contact time (approximately 10 to 30 minutes).
• There are no harmful residuals & there is no regrowth
• Ozone is generated onsite, and thus, there are fewer safety problems associated with shipping and handling.
• Ozonation elevates the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration of the effluent. The increase in DO can eliminate the need for reaeration and also raise the level of DO in the receiving stream.
• Ozone can further reduce the COD due to its oxidizing property and help meet the new norms without much changes

Salient Features of UV Process are:

• Environmentally positive – no chemicals needed
• Greater effectiveness on a wide range of pathogens
• No residual properties left in treated water
• Simple to operate
• Minimal system maintenance requirements
• Lowest operating cost amongst disinfection processes
• Reduced capital costs